How it Works?

A data-driven approach to cryptocurrencies and transactions.
Our algorithm is driven by AI to fill the gap.


How does AI work?

Pattern recognition is a common feature of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms - learning data patterns and identifying them in data streams. An AI algorithm is usually trained with specific datasets. Once trained, it recognizes patterns in this data, and later recognizes them everywhere.

AI-based Crypto Fraud Detection and AI-based Crypto Transaction Monitoring work like this:

  • Fraud addresses are used to train algorithms
  • Fraud addresses interact in patterns recognized by algorithms
  • Later, the algorithm will recognize fraud patterns


How does User Segmentation work?

Specifically, it analyzes blockchain addresses and compares them to others. Clusters of addresses are ranked by several factors.

Big Data Analytics-based User Segmentation API ranks addresses based on their revenue potential. Platforms rarely make money from these addresses. However, 10% of the addresses generate revenue.

One just needs to know which 10% it is. The User Segmentation API identifies them. Focus on your key clients and generate revenue from them.


How to integrate API?

The following steps should be followed:

  • The User Segmentation API should be queried when an address connects to your Dapp
  • Offer better conditions if an address has a good rank.
  • Offer the standard conditions if the address has a lower rank.


98% Success Rate

Our current backtesting results indicate 98% fraud addresses recognition

AI Predictive Analysis

Our algorithm notifies you before the event occurs, not after it has taken place.

Continuous Update​

To achieve 99% predictive power, we continually improve the algorithm.

Comply With Regulations

CeFi Virtual Asset Service Providers are required to monitor crypto transactions.



Our goal is to make cryptocurrency secure for everyone, so we decided to offer a predictive crypto fraud score based on artificial intelligence.

The team developed the algorithms.

We only use blockchain addresses and interaction patterns with other addresses. In real-time, our AI analyzes these traces when you submit a fraud check query.


How can we predict the future?

Crypto has many scammers trying to scam the non-suspecting public. And many hackers are looking for easy money. All of them will leave traces in the blockchain transaction history.

Every scam is different, and there are unlimited potential scams. But scammers use specific interaction patterns and leave their transactions history in the blockchain. The amount of these interaction patterns is limited, while the number of potential scams is unlimited.

Our artificial intelligence modules identifies fraud interaction patterns and forecasts the future behaviors of the addresses based on past interaction patterns.