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AI-based Crypto Transactions Monitoring

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Security and regulatory solutions for CeFi and DeFi companies.

AI Crypto Transactions Monitoring

Crypto Transactions Monitoring is a regulatory requirement for all CeFi Virtual Asset Service Providers. Fraudulent accounts should not be allowed to participate in business transactions on the platform.

Fraud Detection for CeFi companies

Our API allows CeFi companies to validate all transacting addresses, whether incoming or outgoing. Additional verification will be required for flagged addresses.

Fraud Detection for DeFi companies

Decentralized applications require increased security. Our AI-based algorithm allows DeFi companies to validate real-time incoming and outgoing transactions.

Crypto Credit Score API for Crypto Finance

Reduce operational costs and increase conversion with our Crypto Credit Score API. Borrowers with better Crypto Credit Scores have better terms.

Why Choose Us

98% Success Rate

Our current backtesting results indicate 98% fraud addresses recognition

AI Predictive Analysis

Our algorithm notifies you before the event occurs, not after it has taken place.

Continuous Update​

To achieve 99% predictive power, we continually improve the algorithm.

Comply With Regulations

CeFi Virtual Asset Service Providers are required to monitor crypto transactions.

About Our Company

A team behind developed’s algorithms.

The Artificial Intelligence-based Crypto Fraud Score is one of the additional technologies we decided to offer to all crypto communities for free.

According to our current backtesting results, 98% of fraud addresses are recognized.

We only use the blockchain address and interaction patterns with other addresses. When you submit a fraud check query, our AI analyzes these traces in real time.


Crypto has many scammers trying to scam the non-suspecting public. And many hackers are looking for easy money. All of them will leave traces in the blockchain transaction history.

Every scam is different, and there are unlimited potential scams. But scammers use specific interaction patterns and leave their transactions history in the blockchain. The amount of these interaction patterns is limited, while the number of potential scams is unlimited.

Our artificial intelligence modules identifies fraud interaction patterns and forecasts the future behaviors of the addresses based on past interaction patterns.

There are many tools available for forensic analytics to tell whether an address was involved in a scam. These often costly tools analyze the past and create databases of the so-called “bad addresses”.

But the issue here is that the scammers or hackers are not using the old addresses — they use the new ones, which are not yet recorded in the forensic databases. Hence it’s called forensic analytics — it can only state the facts after the event.

Therefore we need predictive analytics — it’s about analyzing the interaction patterns and predicting the possibility that these interaction patterns will result in the scam in the future.

We decided to offer one of additional technologies — the Artificial Intelligence based Crypto Fraud Score as a free service to all crypto communities.

We offer Crypto Fraud Score service over an API too. Please access our API.

If you do API-based verifications, then please don’t do more than 100 API calls per day — there are many calculations in the backend, and we have to pay for the required computing power.

If you want to use this API extensively —please get in touch with us, and let’s discuss how we can do this together.

Virtual Asset Service Provider regulations mandate the providers to:

  • Do the AML,
  • Do the Transactions monitoring.

While many tools are available for the AML, only minimal and very costly tools are available for monitoring transactions.

So, most of the CeFi service providers focus mainly on the AML by saying — we verify all participants in the transactions, and hence the transaction monitoring requirements are fulfilled too.

However, transaction monitoring is more than AML checks. It requires identifying fraudulent transactions before executing the transactions.

That’s what we offer with the Crypto Fraud Score — if your counterparty wallets do not have a good score, you should better not transact with them.

Improve conversion and secure your platform.

Improve your platform’s security with our AI-based algorithm. This reduces operational costs and improves conversions.