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AI-based Crypto Transactions Monitoring


AI Crypto Transactions Monitoring

Crypto Transactions Monitoring is a regulatory requirement for all CeFi Virtual Asset Service Providers. Fraudulent accounts should not be allowed to participate in business transactions on the platform.

fraud detection

Fraud Detection For CeFi Companies

Our API allows CeFi companies to validate all transacting addresses, whether incoming or outgoing. Additional verification will be required for flagged addresses.


Fraud Detection For DeFi Companies

Decentralized applications require increased security. Our AI-based algorithm allows DeFi companies to validate real-time incoming and outgoing transactions.


Crypto Credit Score API For Crypto Finance

Reduce operational costs and increase conversion with our Crypto Credit Score API. Borrowers with better Crypto Credit Scores have better terms.


98% Success Rate

Our current backtesting results indicate 98% fraud addresses recognition

AI Predictive Analysis

Our algorithm notifies you before the event occurs, not after it has taken place.

Continuous Update​

To achieve 99% predictive power, we continually improve the algorithm.

Comply With Regulations

CeFi Virtual Asset Service Providers are required to monitor crypto transactions.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make cryptocurrency secure for everyone, so we decided to offer a predictive crypto fraud score based on artificial intelligence.

The team developed the algorithms.

We only use blockchain addresses and interaction patterns with other addresses. In real-time, our AI analyzes these traces when you submit a fraud check query.

Tarmo Ploom, CTO
Martin Ploom, CEO